Clearfield WaveSmart High Density (HD) SplitterThe WaveSmart High Density (HD) Splitter is designed to work with the FieldSmart Makwa platform. The HD Splitter provides environmental
protection, along with a compact design that uses a 75% smaller footprint over earlier design splitter packages. The WaveSmart High Density Splitter
uses 900um jacketed legs and offers superb fiber management.

Features and Benefits
• Terminations compliant to Telcordia GR-326
• Supports all industry standard singlemode and multimode connectors
• 100% performance tested for I.L./R.L. and final mechanical inspection
• Optical component configuration use GR-1221/1209 complaint devices
• RUS Listed
• WaveSmart’s High Density Splitter package protects the Planar Lightwave Circuit in all environments.
• Inputs and outputs protected using high quality 900um upjacket.
• Individual splitters come preloaded in parking lot for easy access and turn-up
• Fiber separators every 17 inches to easily recognize and prevent twisting of fiber legs
• Each leg is 27 inches to reach anywhere in the Makwa
• Each leg labeled for easy identification
• Red boot on input leg
• Splitter package supports (1) 1 x 32, (2) 1 x 16 or (4) 1 x 8 configurations without penalty in real estate or port counts
• “Grow as you go” - only buy splitters as customer take rates increases
• SC UPC, SC APC, LC UPC or LC APC connectors