DSR-4400MD Digicipher ® I I  Satellite Multiplex Decrypter · Delivers 256 and 64 QAM satellite multiplexes
· Concurrent decryption of up to 24 services, each service may include video, multiple audio channels and data
· DHEI and ASI output. Selectable 38.8 (default) or 26.97 Mbps transport outputs
· MCPC and SCPC operation
· Dual L-Band input ports
· Stackable 1RU chassis
· Analog video with full time diagnostics for local monitoring
· Analog audio for local diagnostics

The DSR-4400MD from Motorola is a powerful digital head-end product, capable of simultaneous decryption of up to 24 services. Whether your application is to feed a 256 QAM channel or a 64 QAM channel, the DSR-4400MD is the answer. With the DSR-4400MD, you can output a full MPEG-II multiplex at an information rate of 38.8 Mbps or 26.97 Mbps, depending on your needs.

The DSR-4400MD comes equipped with industry standard interfaces that enable seamless connection to DigiCipher II IRT-1000, IRT-2000, MPS Remultiplexer and other head-end equipment for cable encryption and cable modulation.

The full range of DigiCipher II symbol and code rates is supported, including the higher combined symbol rate of 29.27 Msps, rate 3/4 to enable 40.46 Mbps information rate transmission. With the lower SCPC rates, the DSR-4400MD becomes a flexible product that supports partial transponder utilization. Packaged in a 1RU chassis, the DSR-4400MD offers local monitoring of a single service and the ability to step through the authorization and encryption state for each service. In the event of a transport stream fault, or loss of authorization for any of the provided services, the DSR-4400MD will trigger an alarm indication for the user.